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校庆60周年系列学术讲座——【Wolfgang Reymann 苏黎世应用科学大学研究员】ACTUS, Blockchain and the Future of the Financial System(ACTUS,区块链和金融体系的未来)
日期:2018年07月05日 10:25  浏览量:[]

报告人:苏黎世应用科学大学 Wolfgang Reymann



报告摘要:Research will help in the transformation of the Swiss and worldwide financial industry by laying the academic and mathematical foundations for the use of Fintech in the area of algorithmic strategies, risk management and investment banking. The focus will be on the use of the ACTUS methodology powering a universal infrastructural layer that will form the fulcrum for the automated straight-through processing of financial contracts, including transaction and all kind of financial analytics, in particular risk assessment and stress testing. Application to automated regulatory reporting (RegTech) and the integration of ACTUS into existing global standards will be discussed.(研究将为金融科技在算法策略、风险管理和投资银行领域的应用奠定学术和数学基础,有助于瑞士和全球金融行业的转型。重点使用ACTUS方法为通用的基础结构层提供支持,该层将成为自动直接处理金融合同的支点,包括交易和各种金融分析,特别是风险评估和压力测试,讨论自动监管报告的应用,以及将ACTUS集成到现有的全球标准中。)

报告人简介:Wolfgang Reymann,Senior researcher with seven years experience in financial markets and a strong background in Theoretical Physics. Currently as Lecturer for Financial Mathematics at the Institut for Data Analysis and Process Design, Zurich University of Applied Science Winterthur. About three years as Senior Researcher at RiskLab, ETH Zurichand three years with OLSEN & ASSOCIATES. Proven expertise in financial data analysis and modeling as well as in professional software development. Excellent analytical skills and problem solving capabilities in a complex environment. Ability to direct research and convey complex subjects in simple terms.(拥有七年金融市场经验和理论物理学背景的高级研究员。 目前担任苏黎世应用科学大学温特图尔分校和工艺设计研究院金融数学高级研究员。担任RiskLab高级研究员三年,ETH Zurichand以及OLSEN&ASSOCIATES三年。 在金融学和数据挖掘方向发表过多篇具有影响力的学术论文。具有资深的财务数据分析和建模专业知识以及专业软件开发能力,特别擅长以简单的术语指导研究并传达复杂的主题。)

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